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Belevingscentrum '14- '18
permanent workshop and exposition for schools

Het belevingscentrum ’14 -’18  is a museum about World War I in old monastery of Tildonk. The Museum focuses on the social influence of this big war on the life of normal people. How a lot of people were forced to leave their house to search somewhere else for safety or what the live was when you lived in occupied country.


The province of Vlaams Brabant wanted to expand this museum with a permanent exhibition about the correlation between World War I and refugees today, who are also forced to flee. The exhibition needed to be accessible en understandable for children.

Through 5 different installations we show the story of what it means to be a refugee during different time areas with the focus on the social aspect. How does it feel to leave your home, your friends, family, … ? What happens when you flee? What will you miss the most? How do children experience the war? …

The permanent exhibition focuses on the experience of being a refugee, the co-creation workshop that has been developed for this museum focuses on the strengths and the possibilities of children. Children are play experts and in this way they can help through their fantasy  and creation other children around the world to play. The children are stimulated to search actively to new play possibilities with ‘waste materials’.​

Everthing that they create would be up-loaded on this website of Nomadlab, in this way the fantasy of children can give new inspiration on what is possible with limited sources. 

Download here more information

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