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Nüdel kart
a mobile playground for emergency context

Nüdel Kart was developed as an answer to a complex question: How can we provide quality play experiences for all children, worldwide?


Our vision is a world in which children get the stimulation their brains and bodies need, to learn the critical skills required not just to survive, but to thrive, especially those living in disaster, conflict affected and disadvantaged environments. Nudel Kart is developed through research in refugees camps and asylum centrums and is implemented in refugees camps in Lebanon.

Nüdel kart is a mobile "playground" that comes apart into many different pieces, and is filled with loose parts that children can manipulate, build and play with. 

The Nüdel kart is in collaboration with Playground ideas. To get more information about the Nüdelkart go the official website or contact 

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