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Playscape Moria
A playground and meeting place for children and women of Moria refugees camp, Lesbos

Moria is a refugees camp on the Greece island Lesbos that initial was ment for 3.000 people. In the month of august 2019 the number of people got from 10.000 to 12.000 people in this camp. People are waiting often more than a year in horrible circumstances to get an approval to get further in Greece or Europe. Half of these are children, most of whom are dealing with big trauma’s. 

The camp is inhuman to grew up in. Because there is to less space, food, information and perspective this camp is extremely violent. Several NGOs have already confirm that children under the age of 10 have attempted suicide due to a lack of future and perspective.

Playscape Moria

As a reaction on this horrible situation, Team Humanity created together with people of the camp a save place for women and children  100 meters of the camp. Together with this people we builded playscape Moria a playground and meeting place for women and children. So during the day children have a place where they can  just be a child again, play and feel safe again. The playground is designed modulaire  to created different play opportunities.  Children can cilm on it, slide off it, jump off it, draw on it, rest on it, play in it, ….

Around the playscape we builded from old pallets benches where the women can take a rest, can connect with other women and in the same time can have an eye on their children. The benches are also designed as a play object for children. The hole playscape we covered up with a roof so in the hot summer, people can find shadow and in the winter it protect them from the rain. Everyday the playscape is used by almost 1300 children and women.